CRM Management
  • Validation and data cleansing.

  • Working with large volumes of information .

  • Process automation, workflows creation and management.

  • Creating seamless interactions between departments within a single CRM system.

  • Identifying correlations and causality, extracting insights from existing CRM data to better understand what works and what doesn't.

  • Migration from one CRM to another.

  • Data migration within a CRM according to local regulatory requirements.

CRM marketing, Hubspot
CRM marketing, Hubspot
  • Building relationships with other companies that benefit both parties.

  • Conducting quality research and creating an ideal account profile, targeting decision-makers.

  • Deep dive into your specific niche and domain to fully understand how your operations work.

  • Developing funnels that generate clients through both inbound and outbound approaches.

  • Maximizing effective budget utilization, potentially even creating zero-budget funnels that eventually lead to significant contracts.

B2B business to business
B2B business to business
Email Marketing
  • QA analysis of current campaigns.

  • Audience research and creating content, messages, and tone that resonate with your target audience.

  • Building transactional and promotional funnels.

  • Utilizing «A/B testing» to improve conversion rates.

  • Integration of tools for enhancement and analysis. Warming up new domains.

  • Working with spam filters in major email providers and assisting in improving the reputation of existing domains.

  • In-house vendor team for data protection consultations.

email marketing
email marketing
Content Marketing
  • Automating content delivery across various channels.

  • Integrating data obtained from posts on different social media platforms.

  • Creating content plans and conducting quantitative and qualitative evaluations of content effectiveness.

  • Generating content on technical subjects, viral content, whitepapers, templates, and headlines that align with current SEO policies.

  • Collaborating with publishers for better article promotion and engaging with the audience in their language.

content marketing
content marketing
Conversion Optimization
  • Conducting interviews with potential clients.

  • Creating surveys.

  • Developing marketing strategies based on data.

  • Enhancing current performance metrics, forms, design, and copy.

conversion optimization
conversion optimization
«You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.» Marvin Minsky

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